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Lady Anne Grimston's Grave, Tewin, Hertfordshire - by Hartmann

Lady Anne Grimston's Grave, Tewin - by Hartmann, posted 1908


In the church-yard is the tombstone of Lady Anne Grimston, who d. 22nd November, 1713. Seven ash-trees which had been planted round the tomb, have struck down deep into the grave, and in consequence have cracked the tomb. An absurd story has been invented which. states that the trees grow from the lady's heart, in compliance with her declaration that if she found after death that there was a God, trees should grow in the manner described. A similar fable exists with regard to graves at Watford and at Hertford. Strange to say the story attracts many visitors to the tomb.

Foster, Tourist's Guide to Hertfordshire, 1891.

Bucks Herald, 5 March 1871 (from Notes & Queries)

This was a very popular subject with post card publishers - and there were many different cards produced.

Lady Grimston's Tomb, Tewin, Herts

Chester Vaughan Series, c 1905


Grimston Grave, Tewin, Hertfordshire

Rose & Sons, Hertford - No 30356


Lady Grimston's Tomb, Tewin, Hertfordshire

Spencer Bros, Hertford - No 88

No Publisher - No 3027


James C x, of Hatfield No a210/146

Lady Grimston's Tomb, Tewin, Hertfordshire

E. Munnings, Hertford  No 2


Hatfield Series, No 63

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