A Walk through Tring  in Early Picture Postcards
mainly by local photographers

The Rose & Crown and Old Market House

Old Market House, Tring
Chadwick Series Tring

The divided back of the card suggests a date of around 1904, but the Market house was demolished in 1900.

The posters suggest the photograph was taken in September 1899 - See Posters of 1899.

The High Street
S. G. Payne & Son, Aylesbury
circa 1903

The building in the foreground immediately adjoins the gates in the previous post card and is part of the Rothschild's redevelopment of the area. The building beyond is the original Rose and Crown, which was demolished shortly afterwards, and replaced by the current building, which is set back from the road.



The second card (posted 1903, publisher unknown) shows the same view immediately after the buildings on the right, including the old market house, had been demolished, opening up a view of the parish church. tring-high-st-looking-west

Tring Church
S. G. Payne & Son, Aylesbury
circa 1903

Visit Tring Church

SS. Peter & Paul, Rev. Samuel Waite Tidswell, M.A. vicar (since 1892); Rev, Spencer Harward Hayward, A.K.C.L. curate.  Kelly's Hertfordshire Directory 1908

See the War Memorial


The Rose and Crown
S. Dickens
posted 1909

The view from the Church Tower

Rose & Crown commercial & family & posting house, Jesse Gadsden Thorn, 13 High Street.  Kelly's Hertfordshire Directory 1908

The Rose & Crown Hotel, Tring
No publisher, posted 1907

Rose and Crown, Tring
de Fraine & Co, Tring
circa 1910



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