Letchworth Postcards painted by Frank Dean, circa 1905

Post Cards



When work on Letchworth Garden City started in 1903 the Garden City Association commissioned Frank Dean R.B.A. (1865-1907) to paint a series of attractive pictures showing the rural beauty of the new town. These were published as postcards, and some of the cards were used for advertising, as the printed message shown below illustrates.

Howard Memorial Hall, Letchworth

View in Letchworth Lane

Hay Making at Letchworth

Willian Village and Pond

Baldock Road, Letchworth

Station Road, Letchworth

View of Letchworth from Norton

Coopers Farm, Norton


Norton Church (Sunset)

I do not have a copy of the following card but print it thumbnail size to identify the subject.


Old Cottages, Norton

There are web pages for Letchworth Garden City, Norton and Willian

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