Hertfordshire Post Cards

Postcards with Heraldic Coats of Arms


During the period before the First World Wars cards with heraldic coats of arms, often combined with a picture, were popular.

St Albans  - used 1904
An early undivided back card by C W Faulkner (The Beginnings - The Undivided back) which was later reissued in a redesigned format (The Divided back - Inland postage only).

Arms of St Albans
Heraldic Series - Used 1906

Arms of Hertford
"Ja-Ja" card  - used 1909

Arms of Royston - R. H, Clarke card posted 1909

One complication is that the Arms may not not be correct as the "arms" of Hitchin from two Frith cards (q.v.) are actually those of Hertford. Things can go seriously wrong, and while I do not have a copy I understand there is a card showing Hereford Cathedral and the River Wye, titled Hertford Cathedral, and showing the arms of St Albans!

If you can can provide further dating information on postcards please tell me.

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