St Albans Pageant

July 15th - 20th, 1907

Programme details from The City of St Albans (1907 edition)


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St Albans

Episode I - Julius Caesar and Cassivalaunus.  10th September, BC 54. Defeat of the Britons; a Druid sacrifice; arrival of Cassivelaunus, the British Chief; the capture of Verulam by the Romans; meeting of Caesar and Cassivelaunus.


Episode II. Boadicea and the sack of Verulam, AD 61. Panic in the city; Boadicea and her half-savage warriors massacre 70,000 inhabitants of Verulam; advent of the Romans under Suetonius Paulinus; defeat of the Britons and suicide of Boadicea and her two daughters.

Episode III. Martyrdom of St Alban. 20th June, 303. St Alban and his teacher St Amphibalus; escape of the latter to Wales; arrest of Alban; his trial; the Vicarius of Britain; condemnation and execution of the Saint.

Episode IV. Offa founding the Monastery. 1st August, 793. Verulam and the Outlaws; arrival of the King. tributary Princes and Ecclesiastics; discovery of the bones of St Alban; founding of the Monastery; Willegod, the first Abbot.

Episode V - Funeral Cortege of Queen Eleanor. 13th December, 1290. Abbot John de Berkhampstead, Prior John de Marynes, and the Ecclesiastics of the Monastery bearing the shrine of St Alban, meet the Royal mourner, King Edward I and the funeral procession, and conduct it to the Abbey Church.

Episode VI. The Peasants' Revolt and the men of St Albans. 1381. John Ball the preacher; message of Wat Tyler from London; burning the Parchment Rolls; Abbot de la Mare and the insurgents; delivery of a Charter; rejoicing of the crowd; the song of the Villein; William atte Lee attacks the rioters; arrival of King Richard II and Judge Tressilian; condemnation of the prisoners; son "The Villeins' Farewell"

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Episode VII. The second battle of St Albans. 17th February, 1461. Arrival of the King Maker's advance guard at St Albans, with Henry VI as a prisoner; Lord Bonville, Sir Thomas Kyriel, and the King; advance of the Yorkists against the wild Kerns and broken men of the Border, under Queen Margaret; defeat of the Yorkists; the gallant stand of the London Bowmen; capture of the King; his meeting with the Queen and Prince of Wales; rejoicing of the Lancastrians.

Episode VIII Queen Elizabeth's visit to Gorhambury. July 1572. The Mayor and the Council; arrival of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and his suite; procession of Queen Elizabeth and members of the court; presentation of a stirrup cup; song, dance, and revels.

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