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Henry COX


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Father:     Thomas Cox (1794-1874)

Mother:     Mary Ann Beasney (1804-1878)

Born:     3rd August, 1826

Baptised:    ???

Married:    7th April, 1857, at Pinner, Middlesex

Wife:    Patty Hill

Daughter:    Martha Mary Ann Cox (1858-1868)

Son:    Thomas Daniel Cox (1859-??) Married May Sanguinetti in about 1887

Son:    Daniel Hill Cox (1861-1864)

Son:    Harry Beasney Cox (1862-1936) Married Emma Mardall in Harpenden in 1887

Son:    George Burchmore Cox (1863-1864)

Daughter:    Elizabeth Hill Cox (1864-1867)

Daughter:    Sarah Constance Cox (1867-1935)

Daughter:    Annie Jane Cox (1868-1924) Married Henry Mardall in Harpenden in 1893

Daughter:    Mary Ann Cox (1870-??) Married James William Kidman in Thanet in 1895

Died:    15th October, 1882, at Harpenden

Buried:    23rd October, 1882, at Sandridge

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