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CHILTON/STONE, Rickmansworth, mid 19th century

June 2001




Sue Griffiths (billygoatsgriff @t of North Wales has an ancestor who came from Mill End, Rickmansworth. Until recently, I thought his name was Henry James Chilton but have found his marriage certificate that has his name as Stone. Do you have any suggestions as to where I might start looking for his family and whether their were any Stone's in that area at that time. I'm working on the principle that he was illegitimate.

To give a full answer I really need more information - such as exactly what is on his marriage certificate. However I can give some provisional guidance.

The first thing to note is that the surnames Stone and Chilton both occur in the Rickmansworth registers - which are indexed on the VRI between 1813 and 1886. There were 21 Stone baptisms and 23 Chilton baptisms.

I assume that your Henry James Chilton was the Henry J Chilton (29, railway signalman, born Rickmansworth) who was living at Newton Lane, Newton by Tattenhall, Cheshire, with his wife and children at the time of the 1881 census.

For illustrative purposes I will assume that there is a link with the Rickmansworth bases family of Thomas Chilton (41, engine driver, born Mill End) and his wife Phoeby Chilton (48, born Croxley Green) - also from the 1881 census.  Their eldest son living at home was 21 year old William Chilton.

Phoeby is old enough to be Henry James Chilton's mother - but Thomas is rather young to be his father. If Henry was Phoeby's son at the time of her marriage to Thomas he could well be brought up with the same surname as the other children - which is Chilton. If he was illegitimate one would not expect a father's name/occupation to appear on the marriage certificate. If a name is given it is probably that of Phoeby's husband by a previous marriage.

As you have the marriage certificate you will know which - assuming my assumption is correct. In this case your way forward is:

Sue Griffiths (billygoatsgriff @t replied: Thanks for your response Chris, it will give me something to go on. I do not have any other information about Henry James Stone/Chilton except for his work history and his family after his marriage. His Marriage certificate does not give a name and occupation for Henry James father, that is why I presumed he was illegitimate. He married a Mary Alice CARR in St John's Church, CHESTER on 15th July 1872 by licence. You were correct in assuming that the Henry J on the 1881 census was the one I am researching. Thank you again for your help and will be visiting your site often as it is very interesting reading about the area from which my great great grandfather came from.

All the best with your searching. By the way, when you look for Phoeby Stone in the 1851 census (which can be ordered at your nearest LDS family history centre - see familysearch for the address) it could be worth looking at Croxley Green as well - it may well be on the same film.

October  2004

John S. Chilton (JohnCUK @t is trying to contact Sue Griffiths about CHILTON/STONE, Rickmansworth, mid 19th century, as Henry James Chilton is his great grandfather. Unfortunately her email address is no longer valid. Can anyone help?

January  2007

John S. Chilton (JohnCUK @t reports a new email address (changed above) and says he has had a number of contacts relating to the page. He adds: As a matter of interest you have a page on Publicans in the Rickmansworth area in 1850. The William Chilton quoted as a beer retailer is my g.grandfather's grandfather!

If you can add to the information given above tell me.


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