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The White Bear, Rickmansworth, circa 1900

Watford at the turn of the century


The Bell Inn around 1904. It was closed in 1912 and became the offices of Swannel and Sly, auctioneers and estate agents. The buildings were demolished in 1966-67 for the construction of Northway and new shops.

Around Rickmansworth




Rickmansworth Publicans in 1850

Ashby, Charles Bell  
Austin, Joseph Artichoke Croxley Green
Barnes, Joseph Kings Arms  
Bates, James [beer retailer]  
Beeson, Joseph Cart & Horses  
Branch, William Coach & Horses Batchworth Heath
Chilton, William [beer retailer] Mill End
Cudworth, Willaim Swan Commercial Inn
& Posting House
Dennis, Edwin [wine & spirit merchant]  
Edwards, James Half Moon  
Edwards, John Halfway House  
Ellingham, Ephriam Cricketers  
Fininley, John Cock  
Green, Job [beer retailer] Batchworth
Gurney, James [beer retailer] Mill End
Holt, Thomas Cross Mill End
Johnson, Job White Horse Chorley Wood
Leaper, William Chequers  
Morley, John George Inn  
Peddle, James [beer retailer] Mill End
Pratt, Mrs Hannah Maple Cross Maple Cross
Richardson, James [beer retailer]  
Rider, Henry [beer retailer]  
Roberts, George Three Sugar Loaves  
Robinson, D Coach & Horses Croxley Green
Salter, Samuel & Co [brewers]  
Treadaway, Mrs Elizabeth White Bear Batchworth
Wallington, Nathan Fox & Hounds  
Watkins, Joseph [beer retailer] Scot's Hill
Weatherley, J Rose & Crown Mill End
Worrell, David Whip & Collar Mill End
Wright, John, junior [beer retailer]  
Wyatt, John Queens Head Batchworth

Post Office Directory for Hertfordshire, 1851

See Rickmansworth for a further extract from this directory.

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