KING, Cheshunt, 1881

July 2001

Coral Haeusler (wyzwords @t of Blacktown, NSW, Australia says My grandfather, Frederick Martin King, was born to Thomas John and Alice King, 8th September, 1881, in Cheshunt Street, Cheshunt. I have been unable to find Cheshunt Street on a present day directory.

Cheshunt Street was part of the main road running north from London through Cheshunt and lies to the north of Turners Hill. It is shown on modern maps as the High Street, Cheshunt.

I have been unable to find Thomas John King, or his wife Alice, in Cheshunt in the 1881 census. He is not listed under Cheshunt in the 1882 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire - but this is not significant as most people were not.

Coral Haeusler (wyzwords @t responded: Thanks for the information, most gratefully received. Re 1881 Census & My King Family, they are there, living in Ware.  I also had trouble finding them - from memory, I think I looked for Alice King, or her son from her first marriage, Edward Dibben. In 1883 they came to Australia.

.I have found them now - the family certainly moved around - with children born in Bradford, Southhampton, and after a period in Ware having a child in Cheshunt.

There is a web page for Cheshunt

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