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 BAILEY, Leverstock Green, 19/20th century

July 2001



Leverstock Green

In discussions about HOLINSHEAD, St Albans area, 19th century, Judith White (judithwhite @t blueyonder.co.uk) commented My 3 x great grandfather William had several other siblings including a sister Elizabeth. She married John Edmonds BAILEY on 14 Dec 1833. They had at least 6 children between 1834 and 1849. It may have been some of this family who attended the double wedding in 1893. and I replied: My great grandfather Jacob Reynolds was very friendly with Henry Southwood Bailey, of Cuckmans, St Stephens, St Albans, and went on fishing holidays in Ireland with him. "Harry" Bailey was at one time (about 1900?) Master of the Aldenham Harriers and it would seem that the common link would be hunting rather than any family relationship. H. S. Bailey died in 1922, and was a director of a wine merchants in Pall Mall, London. Among Jacob's papers is an account book  relating to the sale of fertilizer and his customers also included a J E Bailey, of Bedmond, between 1918 (when the book started) and 1923.

Barbara Chapman (barbara @t bachapman.freeserve.co.uk), who runs the Leverstock Green Web Page, provides the following additional information:

 It is highly likely that the JE Bailey of Bedmond mentioned in your 2nd answer concerning the Holinshead family, is the father or other close relation of Joseph Bailey of Chambersbury, Leverstock Green. Joseph Bailey senior moved to Chambersbury, leasing it from the Abbotts Hill Estate, in 1902, and remained until his death in 1922. (He purchased the property from the estate, when the property was sold off at the instruction of Sir Arthur Evans) His obituary in the Gazette for 17th June 1922 read as follows:


We regret to record the death which occurred on Tuesday of Mr Joseph Bailey a well known and highly respected farmer of Chambersbury, Leverstock Green. Mr Bailey who had reached the advanced age of 87 years was born at Bedmond Hill Farm and it was upon his marriage that he removed to Chambersbury.  He was universally respected and liked and had borne with exemplary cheerfulness and patience  the affliction of blindness for 50 years, he having lost his sight following a serious operation.  In his younger days he was very active in public work and was for 10 years churchwarden at Leverstock Green Church, in the time of the Rev G Finch.  Mr Bailey was also a member of the board of guardians, a school manager and one of the surveyors of roads. The Funeral will take place at 2 o'clock today at Leverstock Green church. [Gazette 17th June 1922]

His son, another Joseph, took over at Chambersbury from his father and continued to play a high profile in Leverstock Green's affairs. This Joseph Bailey was remembered by Sidney Dollomore in a letter to me in about 1995 as follows:

"Joseph Bailey of Chambersbury House, was a fairly well known farmer. farming land from Catsdell to Bunkers Lane.  He owned both Bunkers and High Street Green farms, and rented Westwick Row Farm from the Earl of Verulam.  He was also the owner and managing director of Messers Davis and Bailey agricultural engineers of the Boxmoor Ironworks of Marlowes, the works standing precisely where Bank Court is today.  He was a regular at the Holy Trinity and during the period in question donated the land now comprising the burial ground, and ashes internment plot on the east side of the Churchyard.  I remember him giving strict instructions to my father to keep this area mown, and tidy, which he did until Mr. Bailey's demise in 1949."

November 2006

Michael Bailey (michaelbailey @t manx.net) writes: I was very interested to read the account of the Bailey family of Leverstock Green. I am Michael Joseph Bailey a direct descendant of J. E (Joseph ) Bailey of Chambersbury, who was my Great Grandfather. The only details I have that he was born in 1836 and married Emma Davis (from Hemel Hempstead) and had 4 sons one being John ( my Grandfather) and 1 daughter, Emma May ( who married a vicar by the name of Lewis-Brown) and farmed 300 acres at Bedmond Hill Farm.

Joseph's father ( my GT. GT Grandfather) was Ezekiel born in St Stephens in 1804, married Elizabeth and had 1 son (Joseph) and 6 Daughters and also farmed 300 acres at Bedmond Hill Farm. It is possible that the John Edmond Bailey mentioned by Judith White, is also related, as my Fathers name was Joseph Edmond Bailey and his name was possible passed down?

I have no further information at this time but would be most interested if your Chronicles contain any more details in particular any reference to Ezekiel's parents and what became of Bedmond Hill Farm.

I have passed your query to Judith and Barbara.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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