House called "Doggetts", Penman's Green, 1950s

August 2001

Margaret Clare Metcalfe (margaretm @t of Rochford, Essex, writes: When my natural father, DOUGLAS BERNEVILLE-CLAYE, married his last wife in 1953, the address of both parties was given as Doggetts, Penmans Green. My 3 half-brothers (now in Australia) were born in the area - they are Andrew, Colin and Peter.  At some time after this the family lived for a time in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and eventually moved to Australia where Douglas died in 1975.

My half-sister Yvonne Newby nee Berneville-Claye (by Douglas's first wife) remembers visiting the family on 4 or 5 weekends.  She visited what she calls "The Manor House", where they lived - a place where the local hunt used to meet, manicured lawns etc etc. Yvonne married a USAF man and will be visiting here next year (I've only recently discovered all my half-siblings and other relatives).  She'd love to know exactly where "The Manor House" was.  Is it "Doggetts"?  Douglas was a fairly flamboyant character, very handsome, charming, eloquent etc and he was part of a theatre group locally.  I'm sure there must be people still alive who remember the family (the wife was German) and I'd love to hear from anyone who can tell me anything at all, in particular to identify the house Yvonne remembers.

If you visit the web site multimap and ask for Penman's Green it comes up with a map (which you can zoom in or out at will) that shows that Penman's Green is just south of Chipperfield, but has a Kings Langley postal address. There are 20 addresses given - and if you click on "Doggetts" its exact location will be ringed. Why not write to "The Occupier" at the address given. You could also try contacting the Watford Observer or posting a message on the newsgroup uk.local.hertfordshire.

There is a web page for Chipperfield

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