HOLINSHEAD, St Albans, Hemel, etc, from mid 18th century

August 2001

Rob Kane (Obbie1can0bie @t of Gulph, Ontario, Canada adds: Hi Chris; I had posted, some time ago to your older website a query concerning the HOLINSHEAD's of Northchurch, Berkhamsted. Out of that query came a wonderful response by way of an excerpt from Vol.1 of Nigel Goose's book "Population, economy and family structure in Hertfordshire in 1851; The Berkhamsted region, taken from the Chapter 7 (Parish of Northchurch)1851 Census. Thank you, for there has been so much information coming my way daily on the HOLINSHEAD's since that posting. I see Judith White's posting here [HOLINSHEAD, St Albans area, 19th century], a distant cousin of mine, located soon after my posting at your previous Website.

We are researching all related families of the HOLINSHEAD's & it appears that all the HOLINSHEAD's in this area of Hertfordshire were related. The furthest back we have gone is William HOLINSHEAD of Kettlewells Farm, born circa 1744, place of birth unknown at present. He married Elizabeth & they had the following children

Elizabeth, born 1769 at St. Michael's, died a spinster in 1823
William, born 1772 at St. Michael's, Miller, died 1844 (any desc. unknown at this time)
John, born possibly between 1773 - 1776 (no other information known)
Thomas, born 1777 St. Michael's, St. Albans, died 1848
Sarahh b. 1779 m. John RAGGETT.

Other related family names are ; YATES / YEATES, THOMAS (Thomas HOLINSHEAD's (born 1777) sister in laws through his second marriage to Margaret HOLINSHEAD (nee ?), RAGGETT, SEARLE, BAILEY, FRANKLIN, MOORE, KEBBLE, PRUDAMES & SAUNDERS. Thomas SAUNDERS b. circa 1816, son of John SAUNDERS was a very close friend of the HOLINSHEAD's. Also, a great source for us was Barbara Chapman's Website, in which we were directed to the Dacorum Heritage Trust & where we located many old HOLINSHEAD Wills and other old related family documents. I know this is a long posting to will stop here! Nice site!

I can't add anything at this time - except to say how nice it is to here of cases like this, where my posting have proved useful.

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