Railway Cottage, Bushey & Oxhey, 1850/1950

September 2001

Alan Seedhouse of Dunstable, Beds, says: When I was a child I remember visiting an old aunt who lived in a Railway cottage at the back of Bushey and Oxhey station. You could get to the cottage from a path at the at the back of the station (minding the geese on the way!) or up a steep path at the side of the old power station building, just up the Road from the arches (going towards Northwood. The building was very old and was probably built with the station. My aunt lived mainly in the kitchen which had a large black cooking range. It had not changed since the day it was built. She used to keep geese and chickens in the grounds and as children we used to collect the eggs for her. The remains of the old hen houses can still be seen. There was no electricity, only gas lighting. It seemed very strange when I was a small child in the mid fifties. I recently visited the site but the cottage has been knocked down and some work is being carried out on the site. A couple of friendly builders let myself and my sister have a look around. I would dearly love to obtain a photograph of the cottage and any other information about it that is still available.

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