HUTTON, Newnham, 18th century

January 2002

 Deborah Giles of Letchworth, Herts, asks Is the Matthew Hutton who owned property in Norton and Newnham any relation of the Archbishop of Canterbury of the same name who was primate 1757.  They are clearly not the same person. Sources of information were the abstracts of title to property owned by the Pym family of Norton held at the County Record Office and "The Servants Hall" a book about Erddig House near Wrexham.

A check in the Victoria County History and Cussans produced the following information on a Matthew Hutton of Newnham which appears to be the one you mean:

Matthew Hutton senior brought Newnham Manor in 1717 from Elizabeth, widow of the Hon. Robert Cecil, second son of the third Earl of Salisbury. He died on 30th October 1728, aged 52, and there is a memorial tablet in Newnham Church to him and his wife Barbara, who died 8th January 1749 aged 58. He had two sons and one daughter.

His elder son, Matthew Hutton junior inherited the manor, and when he died in 1764 it passed to his brother James. James died in 1770 and the manor passed to Philip Yorke, only son of Dorothy Hutton (the daughter) and Simon Yorke of Erthig [sic], Denbighshire. When Philip died in 1804 the manor was sold to Samuel Mills.


Three Matthew Huttons are listed in the Dictionary of National Biography, and if you have not already done so you should have a look (I only have easy access to the concise version.)

Matthew Hutton (1529-1606) Archbishop of York

Matthew Hutton (1639-1711) Great-grandson of the above, antiquary and rector of Aynhoe, Northamptonshire

Matthew Hutton (1693-1758) Descendant of the above Archbishop of York, became Archbishop of York, and then of Canturbury.

Whether these three related individuals are related to your Matthew Hutton needs investigating. There may be some useful references in the Dictionary of National Biography, and with Archbishops involved I would have thought a visit to rummage in the records of the Society of Genealogists would be a good idea.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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