RANDOLPH, Much Hadham, 19th century

May 2002

Stephanie Quoroll  of Sandhurst, Berks, asks: Could you tell me where I can find out more about Rev Thomas Randolph, vicar at Much Hadham for 63 years, he is my GGGG grandfather.  All his descendents (exc. my ggg grandfather) followed him into the church, and his female descendents either married into the Church, or were missionaries.  I'm also trying to find out if any of previous generations may have emigrated to America in the early 1600's. I'd love to know more about his time at Much Hadham.  His son subsequently became Vicar at Little Hadham in the mid 1800's.

You give no idea of how much you already know about the Rev Thomas Randolph, or what sources you have already consulted, so if you have not already done so may I suggest you start with the parish registers and the census returns. There may well be some information (if only details of family memorials) in Cussans. I have added some additional information to the Much Hadham page. He was rector of Much Hadham (recorded as rector in the 1850 Post Office Directory, and as living in the Rectory in the 1839 Pigot's Directory.) Because he was the rector for many years there will undoubtedly have been many references to him in parish papers - and HALS probably hold them and can advise you on what has survived.

I understand that he came to the Rectory in 1812 and died in 1875, and was a significant land owner in the area - and its is possible that HALS can again help on this one. He was the son of Bishop John Randolph (1749-1813) and grandson of Thomas Randolph (1701-1783) and details of these gentlemen can be found in the Dictionary of National Biography. Because he was apparently well-to-do he almost certainly left a will - and you may well find it worthwhile to get a copy. He may have been one of those well-to-do clergy who greatly enjoyed hunting and social activities, and may have employed a curate to run the church (the parish registers will show who actually did the baptisms, marriages and burials). - If he led an active social life among the gentry and nobility there may well be references in the records and biographies of other well-to-do families in the area.

It is worth noting that a search of for "Randolph" and "Much Hadham" came up with the following entries on a cricketing data base - and they are probably relevant because the sons of clergy were very likely to go to university:

Leveson Cyril Randolph was born 28 May 1824, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire and died: 1 March 1876, Norwodd, Surrey. He played first class cricket for Oxford University in 1845

Bernard Montgomery Randolph was born: 10 April 1834, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire and died: 3 July 1857, Christ Church College, Oxford. He played first class cricket for Oxford University and Sussex.

As I believe he had no prior links with Hertfordshire, the question as to his ancestors in the early 17th century is not relevant to this web site.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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