CAMP, Railway Terrace, Hertford St John, 1866-1871

July, 2004

Molland (m.molland @t of Walberton, W Sussex, writes William Camp (born in Ware) worked as a stoker on the railway and lived at Railway Terrace up until at least the summer of 1871.   He moved to Stratford, Brentwood and finally settled at Braintree, Essex and eventually became an engine driver.  He was on the first train to arrive at Liverpool Street Station. I would like to know if Railway Terrace is still standing or has been demolished. I obtained the address details from the birth certificate of their first child.

The first thing to do is to locate where Railway Terrace was. The 1881 census lists about 20 households living there, and it was somewhere south of the railway line between Railway Street and Ware Road, in the area of Railway Place, Townshend Street and Villiers Street. To find the Terrace I used the the approach described in Locating Census Addresses from Maps and the 1897 large scale Ordnance Survey map of Hertford (above, from the Alan Godfrey reprint). The map shows a narrow alley called Davies Street, entered from Railway Place, containing about 20 terrace houses. Davies Street is not named in the census and it is clear that these houses must be the ones called Railway Terrace.

I don't know this part of Hertford but a look at a modern online map such as Multimap shows that the current road layout is unchanged, and I would suspect that the original houses are still there.

Perhaps someone who knows the area could tell me that the Terrace is still there - and perhaps even provide a photograph which could be added to this page.

There is a web page for Hertford

If you can add to the information given above tell me.