HILLS, Rushden, Late 19th Century

April, 2005

Wendy Cartey (cartey @t wrote to comment on HILLS, Hoddesdon & Cheshunt, Mid 19th century saying: My Grandfather, Frederick Hills, was born in the 1880's and lived and worked in Rushden, Hertfordshire, all of his life. His father was a stockman, I think at St. Julien's Farm, and was fairly religious and taught children to read at Sunday School.  Frederick married Kate Toft, also of Rushden.  One of his brothers lived in Stevenage and worked on the railways. I wish I knew more, but I don't. I can only say that they were lovely people and I am proud to be a member of the Hills family.

While I don't think there is any close connection with the HILLS, Hoddesdon & Cheshunt, Mid 19th century I can provide you with some information on your ancestors. In the 1891 census the following family is listed as living at South End Green, Rushden.

John Hills Head 55 Agricultural Labourer Sandon
Emma Hills Wife 52   Ardeley
George Hills Son 22 Agricultural Labourer Sandon
John Hills Son 18 Agricultural Labourer Sandon
Mary Ann Hills Daughter 12 Scholar Rushden
Emily Hills Daughter 10 Scholar Rushden
Frederick Hills Son 7 Scholar Rushden

Frederick was almost certainly the youngest member of the family but some older siblings are shown in the 1881 census at Shaw Green, Rushden.

John Hills Head 45 Agricultural Labourer Sandon
Emma Hills Wife 43   Ardeley
James Hills Son 20 Agricultural Labourer Sandon
Eliza Hills Daughter 15   Sandon
George Hills Son 12 Scholar Sandon
John Hills Son 8 Scholar Sandon
Martha Hills Daughter 5 Scholar Rushden
Mary A Hills Daughter 3   Rushden
Emily Hills Daughter 10 m   Rushden

The following extract, for Bygrave Lower Farm, Bygrave, in the 1891 census, probably is your Kate Toft and her family.

George Tofts Head 41 Farm Labourer Wallington
Jane Tofts Wife 40   Baldock
Frederick Mabbitt? Son 15 Farm Labourer Baldock
Florence Tofts Daughter 12 Scholar Baldock
Ellen Tofts Daughter 9 Scholar Baldock
Kate Tofts Daughter 7 Scholar Baldock
Louisa Daughter 4   Baldock
Walter  Son 1   Baldock

The entry is rather difficult to read and in one index I consulted the name is wrongly indexed as "Lofts". In addition some of the ages may not be correct. Frederick is probably Jane's son by a previous relationship and while his surname is hard to decipher there are other people called Mabbitt in the Baldock area - so it is a local surname. Some members of this family, but not Kate, were shown as living in Rushden at the time of the 1901 census.

There is a web page for Rushden

HILLS, Sandon, early 19th century may be a connected family

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