SLADE, Coleshill, Herts/Bucks, 19th Century

April, 2006

Reginald F  Slade (regntrudy @t of Orillia, Ontario, Canada, grandfather was Edward Slade, who came from Coleshill, Herts, emigrated to Canada in 1911 and died May 1818 at 69 years. Because of some confusion caused by a combination of (1) transcription errors on Ancestry, (2) Two Edward Slades, (3) a complex family situation, (4) the question of whether Coleshill is in Herts or Bucks and (5) a couple of typos in the question - please take my word that the following is a proper answer. 

Detail from Joshia Archer's map of 1833

I was intrigued to get this query, as it is the first question I have had relating to ancestors living in Coleshill, which was a small area of Hertfordshire embedded in Buckinghamshire, near Amersham. I was interested to find out how it was recorded in the census returns. Using Ancestry I found the following index entries for the two Edward Slade.

This one is your Edward Slade of Coleshill

Census Born Living


Occupation Notes
1851 Coleshill, Herts Amersham, Bucks 6 mo   Parents Henry (Agricultural Labourer) & Maria Slade, living at Coleshill Green. Thomas Slade lived nearby as did a George and Mary A Smith.
1861 Coleshill, Herts Amersham, Bucks 8 Scholar With widowed mother Maria (indexed Moria)
1871 Coleshill, Herts Coleshill, Amersham, Bucks 20 Agricultural Labourer With Uncle & Aunt Charles (Blacksmith)& Emma Slade. Thomas Slade lived nearby
1881 [place omitted] Bucks Ealing, Middlesex 30 Greengrocer  
1891 Coleshill, Bucks Ealing, Middlesex 40 Master Carman  
1901 Coleshill, Bucks Ealing, Middlesex 50 Master Carman  

This is the other Edward Slade of Coleshill.

Census Born Living Age Occupation Notes
1851 Coleshill, Notts [Herts] Amersham, Bucks 12 Labourer Son of John & Mary Slade
1861 Coleshill, Herts Amersham, Bucks 30 [20] Labourer Son of John & Mary Slade
1871 Coleshill, Herts Coleshill, Amersham, Bucks 30 Hawker Children may be his wife Mary Ann's by a previous marriage, surname given as "Slade" - but later censuses suggests they were born "Smith" She was probably the Mary A Smith married to George in the previous table.
1881 Coleshill, Bucks Coleshill, Bucks 40 Agricultural labourer Frederick Slade probably Edward's son by Mary Ann
1891 Coleshill, Herts Winchmore Hill, Amersham, Bucks 50 Agricultural labourer  
1901 Coleshill, Bucks Amersham, Bucks 50 [60] Shepherd  

The censuses were all part of the Buckinghamshire census refering to the Amersham area and all the entries in the second table, when examined in detail, appear to refer to Winchmore Hill, in Coleshill. The three entries in fushia are the transcription errors. 

It would seem very likely that your Edward Slade was the son of Henry & Maria Slade, and that Charles Slade was Henry's brother. Thomas and John Slade were probably close relatives (maybe brothers) and Mrs Mary A Smith may have married John Slade after George Smith died.

Now that you know how the relevant entries are indexed you should have no difficulty in looking up full census details of the family on Ancestry, and using the examples in the Tutorial you should be able to get birth, marriage and some death certificates where appropriate. Familysearch should help you to push the family further back and hopefully confirm the links between Henry, Charles, Thomas and John.

While technically Coleshill was in Hertfordshire at the time, you will find that most relevant records will be in Buckinghamshire

B.T.W. a carman was the "lorry driver" of the horse and cart age, and a master carman may well have had a fleet of horses and carts (with drivers) .

There is a web page for Coleshill

If you can add to the information given above tell me.


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