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Bridget TALBOT, Ashridge, 1921

May, 2007




Christel Chaudet (christelchaudet @t tigeraspect.co.uk) of London writes: I am looking for biographical information on Bridget Talbot (1885-1971). She lobbied to save the House and estate at Ashridge around 1921 and run as an MP in the area.

Bridget Talbot in 1901
from A century remembered

Bridget Talbot played a vital role in the acquisition of a large part of Ashridge Park by the National Trust. I am personally very grateful for what she did - as I frequently take my dog Franki for a walk in the woods she helped to save - and earlier this week my wife and I (and Franki) had lunch sitting only feet away from a plaque commemorating Bridget Talbot's contribution to the National Trust.

There are, as I am sure your already know, references to her actions in local history books such as Little Gaddesden & Ashridge and A Prospect of Ashridge but the source relating to her links with Ashridge and Little Gaddesden that you should consider essential is A century remembered. The index contains about 20 page references to Bridget, some of which are very relevant to anyone interested in finding out about her as a person. There are many more references to other members of the Talbot family.

I am not in a position to advise on things she may have done outside Hertfordshire - or on matters that may be included in the history of the National Trust (or as documents in the National Trust archives) However  I note that she was also associated with Kiplin Hall, in Yorkshire and you should visit the Access to Archives site to see if there are any surviving family papers, etc. You may also find it useful to contact the Rural Heritage Society of Little Gaddesden, Ringshall, Hudnall and Ashridge.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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