A large house and estate between Berkhamsted and Little Gaddesden


The house is now a management college and much of the estate belongs to the National Trust

"Ashridge House. The North Front and Grand Entrance. Photo Copyright J.T. Newman. Berkhamsted. Posted from Tring in 1905.  

Ashridge House

The North Front & Main Entrance

The Ashridge Management College site includes information on the history of the house - select "About Ashridge" from the menu.

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Ashridge Park
Published by J T Newman
Early divided back



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Ashridge Park

Road Through The Park

A Franco Series Postcard

Posted 1910



Web Site: The Ashridge Management College site includes information on the history of the house - select "About Ashridge" from the menu.

Web Site: Rural Heritage Society of Little Gaddesden, Ringshall, Hudnall and Ashridge.

Some 21st Century Photographs

Monument Cottage

Bronze Age Barrow

Old Hunting Lodge


Fallow deer in March 2011

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Web Site: The GENUKI site for Buckinghamshire includes a list of the rectors of the College of Bonhommes, Ashridge, between 1276 and the dissolution of the monasteries.

Web site: Gazette - Important local History pages


The Bedford Volunteer Brigade Camp at Ashridge Park, August 1905

Downer, Photo

Posted 1905

What a nice game you could have in amongst these little tents. We drove up here yesterday. It is their sports today so things will be lively ....

In July 1914 the local Territorial Force had their annual training camp in Ashridge on open ground to the North of Ashridge House, which can just be seen in the background. However events were rudely interrupted by the declaration of war.

Postcard by James Thomas Newman, photographer of Berkhamsted.

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Military Camp 1914

Military Camp 1914

Ashridge House
(Pratt, Little Gaddesden)

Ashridge Monument
(Dickens, Tring)

Ashridge House

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