CAMP, Cheshunt, late 18th century

September, 2007

Steve Camp (sgc66 @t of Epsom writes: I want to find the baptism details for John Camp around 1755 and the details of his parents to trace my direct line as I have come to a standstill.  I know he married Sarah Clements on 2 July 1789 at Cheshunt Marriage Register. Vicar was Rev John Collins. John Camp was recorded as a widower but I haven't found a previous marriage. He had 2 sons by Sarah - John ( my direct line 5/9/1792) and Daniel 14/8/98. He subsequently died  on 5 December 1827 aged 72 indicating his birth date at c1755. He was a Carpenter by trade. Subsequent children and descendants were based at Cheshunt and Waltham Cross.

Because I am currently very busy I can only give a few guidelines, especially as you fail to mention sources that you have searched unsuccessfully. A quick check of familysearch shows that there were quite a few children called John Camp/Kemp baptised between 1750 and 1760 within easy access distance in Herts/Essex and Middlesex, The search also reveals that you have apparently missed a daughter baptised at Cheshunt a year after the marriage:

    Baptised Father Mother Batch
Sarah Maria Camp 5/11/1790 John Sarah C072252
John Camp 5/9/1792 John Sarah C072253
Daniel Camp 25/9/1799 John not stated C072253

Because there could be several possibilities the important thing is not to chase his baptism until you know more about John Camp, his first marriage, and when he came to Cheshunt. You will find Right Name, Wrong Body gives examples showing why you should not jump to conclusions just because a baptism record looks a possibility.

Because of The Inheritance of Single Christian Names it is quite likely that some of John's parents, grandparents or siblings had the names John, Daniel and Maria

As you have seen the 1789 marriage in the Cheshunt register and haven't commented further I assume it says John Camp was "of this parish" and so was living in Cheshunt prior to the marriage. It is possible that his second wife was related to his first wife as if a woman died leaving young children the family sometimes found an unmarried female among their number to help in the house ... and this often led to marriage. Knowing who the witnesses at the wedding were can sometimes help.

If John lived in Cheshunt before his second marriage his first wife may be buried in the churchyard - so the burial register should be checked.

The militia lists (index available from the Herts Family History Society) could well provide you with dates when he was resident in Cheshunt - perhaps his occupation on those dates, and sometimes other information. It might even contain a reference to other Camps who might be his father or brothers.

The book Tracing Your Family History in Hertfordshire shows that land tax records are available at HALS for Cheshunt for the relevant period. HALS may well have other relevant parish records that could help.

In searching don't forget that at the period you are asking about Waltham Cross was a hamlet in the parish of Cheshunt - and that the family may have lived in the area now forming Waltham Cross throughout the period. See The Importance of Understanding Administrative Boundaries.

There are web pages for Cheshunt and Waltham Cross

If you can add to the information given above tell me.


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