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Charge of Stealing a Copper Pump

From the Herts Advertiser, 23rd September 1871



St Albans

 At the Liberty Petty Sessions on Saturday, September 16th


William Seabrook, a plumber, surrendered to bail, charged with stealing a copper pump, value 2, the property of Mr Frederick Barford  

Frederick Barford, the prosecutor, deposed: I own and occupy a brickfield near Bernard's Heath, in the parish of St Michael. Within the last fortnight I saw the copper pump, worth upwards of 2, which was in my charge [elsewhere it is described as old Jim Vass's copper pump], lying amongst some nettles close to the brick-kiln there. I looked for it but could not find it. The prisoner has done some work for me, and I am sure he is the man who was doing something to the pump last spring.  

Henry Hall said: I am a labourer and live in Catherine-lane, St Albans. Last Monday I was at work for Mr. Savage, digging out cellars for cottages in Bernard's-street, just opposite Mr Seymour's house.  

Joseph Elborn: I am a labourer. Last Monday morning I was at work for Mr. Savage, digging foundations for cottages on the left side of Bernard's Heath, going from the town. [As he was talking to Henry Hall, presumably he was in Bernard's Street] 

William Fensome: I work for Mr Barford, and missed the copper pump from his brickfield last Monday morning about half past nine o'clock. The pump was in one piece and might have been ten or a dozen feet long. About a fortnight ago I saw the prisoner in the brickfield, when he came and looked on, but did not work there.

John Brewster: I live with my father next door to the Cock Inn, St Peter's Street. On Monday morning last, between ten and eleven o'clock I was standing against Mr. Wilson's at the Cock Inn, and saw a man coming along the pavement by Mr. Nightingall's with a heavy load on his back. I do not know what the load was, but it seemed rather heavy. I cannot say who it was because I was on the opposite side of the road. The load he was carrying seemed to be like piping. The man was not very tall. I went indoors with the intention of telling my father something, but forgot it and went out again without saying anything to him. I thought nothing about what I had seen until I went home on Monday night, when I heard them talking about it.

Cross-examined: I think the man was about as tall as the defendant, but I did not recognise him at all.

By Mr Lowe: The man had a light coat on, and was dressed like a workman.

[There were several people who saw someone carrying the pump into St Albans, but there was no clear identity evidence, and the case was dismissed. Other names mentioned in the article: F. A. McGeachy, Esq., Rev. W. S. Wade, H. J. Toulmin, Esq., Mr. Annesley, Police-constable Quint, Mrs. Cook, Police-sergeant Pellant, Mr. Gibbs' shop, Mr. George Perry, Mr. Lowe, William Potten of the Pineapple, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Nightingall, Ada Sarah Seabrook, Joseph Seabrook, Mr. Lewis.]

There is additional information on this site about Bernards Heath, Brickmaking in St Albans and Mr Frederick Barford.

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