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For an outline of his brickmaking activities see [The Brickmakers of St Albans - Barford]

James Vass acquired William Bennett's brickfield in 1864 but I have found no later references to his making bricks. The first reference to Frederick Barford making bricks is in 1868, and the copper pump stolen in 1871 was said to have belonged to Jim Vass. Did Frederick Barford acquire his brick making equipment from James Vass?,

In May 1868 one of his employees, Philpot, was injured in an accident on Harpenden Road [Incidents on the Harpenden Road]

In May 1868 James Stratton was found guilty of stealing turnip tops from his farm [Stratton - A quick return to prison]

In 1869 he was successfully sued for damage done by his cows. See 1869: Wheeler vs Barford

1870 See Bourne v Barford

In April 1871 Charles Band was found sleeping on some old sacks on his shed [Old News - Vagrancy at St Albans]

In September 1871 a copper pump was stolen from his brickfield [Old News - Charge of Stealing a Copper Pump from a Brickfield]

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