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This web site covers all "ancient" parishes which still exist, some Victorian and more recent parishes, together with selected hamlets and major houses. It cover parishes which were in Hertfordshire in historic times, and also those which have been transferred into the county. A few pages relate to parishes in adjacent counties close enough to the county boundary to be of interest.


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It is possible to take a "Guide around Old Hertfordshire" using the map on the left - although you will find the full map will take time to load the active pointers.


Blue markers represent Parish Churches (with dot - ancient parishes before 1800.)

Mauve markers - Towns with several parishes.

 Green markers represent small hamlets or important buildings..


The following pages contain supporting information:

The pages for village of Willian and the hamlet of Waterford have been used to compare different directories and other sources.

Individual place pages are updated as new information becomes available, and the latest updates will be given in the current blog. If you know of a web site which contains significant historical information or pictures of old buildings, etc, linked to a specific town or village in Hertfordshire, please tell me so I can add a link.

GENUKI has a simple map showing the historic parishes.



Please Note: This site has grown on an incremental basis, and some place pages have become rather large and untidy. Work is currently being carried out to reformat some of these pages, and I cannot guarantee that pages will not be relocated. Should you wish to link directly to a place marked on the map you should use a link such as:

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