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Early Postcard Publishers


Many of the Ashwell cards have no identifiable publisher and no characteristic backs or styles and are not detailed here.

Adkins Series

In 1902 and 1912 Miss Fanny Adkins was a draper in Ashwell. (Kelly's Directory)

Bedwell  & Bedford  Series

Ernest Bedwell & Co. were photographic material dealers, 38 Midland Road, Bedford. (Kelly's Directory for Bedfordshire, 1903). Other cards listed on the web relate to Bedfordshire or adjacent counties, and where dated are early 20th century.

See Bedwell Series

Posted 1904

Posted 1903 Posted 1903

J. H. Christy & Son, High Street, Ashwell

In 1902 & 1922 J. H. Christy & Son were listed as grocers & drapers, and Miss Ellen M. Christy was sub-postmistress,

J. H. Christy & Son, High Street, Ashwell

Vulcan Series

Posted 1922
Robert H Clark of Royston

Posted 1907

Unknown Publisher (1)


The Springs, Ashwell


A glimpse of Ashwell

These two cards have identical backs and are both coloured in the same very amateur manner. Both were posted in 1905.



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