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The Vulcan Series postcards appear in many areas of England, often with a local publisher name. They were presumably printed by a company which had salesmen travelling the country. It appears to have operated between the wars and the earliest cards I have located was used in 1921, and the majority which were posted were posted in the 1920s. Most are uncoloured, and none show features that suggest the picture was taken after the Second World War. It may be significant that nearly all the Hertfordshire examples I have located give Post Office addresses.

Guideline: It seems likely very that the pictures on the Vulcan cards were taken shortly after the end of the First World War, and possibly before 1930.

Can anyone tell me anything for certain about the publisher of the series. If you google there are a couple of brief references which suggest the Vulcan series might have been produced by Radermacher, Aldous and Co who printed many post cards for other firms, including the R.A. Series, but I would like to see some firmer evidence.


Counties where cards are known to have been published  with local store addresses.





















Arkley Post Office
Published by S. Rush, General Grocer & Fancy Draper, Arkley, High Barnet.
Spencer Rush was also the sub-postmaster in 1912 & 1922. Mrs Rush in 1926. (Kelly's Directory) This suggests the card is earlier than 1926


Lime Kiln Lane, Ashwell
(now Kingsland Way)
Published by J, H Christy & Son, High Street, Ashwell
in Vulcan Series - Posted 1922

In 1912 & 1922 J. H. Christy & Son were listed as grocers & Drapers, and Miss Ellen M. Christy was sub-postmistress, (Kelly's Directory)



Hunsdon Mill House

Published by C. J. Lilley, General Stores, Hunsdon, Herts


Cornelius James Lilley was a grocer in 1922 and 1929  and died in 1933 when Mrs Lilley was listed as grocer.

Title: Kimpton Post Office - Publisher: G Matthews, Post Office Stores, Kimpton, Herts - "The Vilcan Series" - Dated ?  

Kimpton Post Office - circa 1920s
Card published by G. Matthews, Post Office Stores, Kimpton, in "The Vulcan Series". Two additional undated cards of the parish church have identical backs. G. Matthews was at the post office between at least 1912 and 1933 but is not listed in 1937. (Kelly's Directory )  This suggests the cards are earlier than 1937.

High Street, Stanstead Abbotts - Posted 1926
"Vulcan Series" postcard published by the Post Office, Stanstead Abbotts


  Title: High Street, Stanstead Abbotts - Publisher: The Post Office, Stanstead Abbotts, Herts "The Vulcan Series" - Date: posted 1926
Parish Church, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, Vulcan Series Post Card  

Watton Church
A "Vulcan Series" card published by C. E. Hide, The Post Office, Watton. - Kelly's Directory lists Charles Edward Hide as grocer and post office in 1922 but in 1926 Albert George Inman was listed as sub-postmaster and there is no Hide entry. This suggests the card is earlier than 1926

Vulcan cards with no local address

Hadham Cross
posted 1927

Much Hadham
posted 1921


Paul reports that one unposted card, from Haddenham, Isle of Ely, Cambs., has an identical back, but rounded corners.

Please tell me if you have any further information on Vulcan postcards in Hertfordshire.

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