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Barnet was transferred from Hertfordshire to Middlesex in 1965.




When considered in historical terms the place name Barnet is complicated by boundary changes.

In the period of interest to most genealogists using this web site the simple name Barnet will normally refer to Chipping Barnet - also known as High Barnet,  and this was in Hertfordshire.

East Barnet was a separate parish, also in Hertfordshire, and New Barnet was housing area built between Chipping Barnet and East Barnet after the arrival of the railway.

Friern Barnet was a separate parish in Middlesex, and in most Hertfordshire records is distinguished from the other Barnets.

Totteridge was a separate parish in Hertfordshire.

In 1905 the parish of Arkley was formed from the parish of Chipping Barnet.

Monken Hadley (or sometimes just Hadley) was a Middlesex parish which was transferred to Hertfordshire in 1904.

In 1965 Barnet (i.e. Chipping Barnet, Monken Hadley and Arkley), East Barnet and Totteridge  but administratively became part of Greater London and many of the older records are now held by the modern borough of Barnet - or with collections of  older Middlesex  records. The modern borough of Barnet consists of the former urban districts of Chipping Barnet and East Barnet, the urban district of Friern Barnet, and the Middlesex boroughs of Finchley and Hendon.

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Barnet Market Place in 1845
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