formerly part of Essendon


ADVOWSON: Bayford Church, which is mentioned as early as 1222, was a chapelry pertaining to the rectory of Essendon until 1867, and the advowson therefore follows that of Essendon, In 1867 it was made a vicarage in the presentation of the lord of the manor, and was endowed under the Common Fund.

In 1366 the people of Bayford appealed for the right of sepulture at their own chapel, owing to the inconvenience of having to go to Essendon, They stated that the distance between their chapel and Essendon Church was about 3 miles and that the vill of Little Berkhampstead lay between them. The bodies had to be carried past a water mill on a stream of which one bank was in Berkhampstead and the other in Essendon, wherefore the carts going with bodies are often brought to grief in the river, and the people attending annoyed with attachments in passing through Berkhampstead,

Victoria County History of Hertfordshire


St Mary, Bayford Parish Church, Hertfordshire

St Mary's Church


Bayford House, Bayford, Hertfordshire, home of Georgina and Adelaide Randolph

Bayford House


Baker, William Robert, esq. J.P. Bayfordbury Park

Daniell, Arthur Cecil, esq. Bayford House

Gifford, Capt. John Wynter James, Bayford Cottage

Hitch, Thomas Walker, esq. The Warren

Thornton, Rev. Charles,M.A. [curate]

Parish Clerk, William Penn

Post Office, Thomas Green, receiver

Insurance Agent, J. Price, Bayfordbury

National School, Miss Ellen Abraham, mistress

Bamford, Frederick Nathaniel, blacksmith

Clark, James, farmer, Black Fen

Field, Sophia (Mrs.) & Thomas, farmers, Bayford Place Farm

Holden, Thomas, carpenter

James, John Luke, farmer

Richardson, Charles Stansfield, farmer, Bayford Hall

Robson, John, farmer, Bayfordbury Park Farm

Stracey, William, shopkeeper & beer retailer

Winkworth, William, farmer, Howe Claypits

Post Office Directory 1866


Postcard of Bayfordbury, Bayford, Hertfordshire, by Regal Art Publishing



Bayford Manor House, Hertfordshire, Post card by C Martin posted 1908

Bayford Manor


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