Fore Street


Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Rush and Warwick

Art Printers, Bedford


The picture is identical to one in Hertford and its Surroundings, published as The Homeland Handbook No 43, in 1905. The photographs in the book were taken by Arthur V. Elsden.


Old Buildings, Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Valentine

No 55176 (taken 1906)

  Old Buildings, Fore Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire

Fore Street, Hertford, Herts - PC by Rose & SOn, Hertford


Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Rose & Son, Hertford

Posted 31 October, 1904, to

Miss Daisy Fisher, 6 Hendon Lane, Church End, Finchley, N

Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Valentine

No 55173 (taken 1906)


Fore Street, Hertford, Herts - PC by Valentine taken 1906

Fore Street, Hertford, Herts  

Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Valentine.

These framed postcards did not include the number, but probably taken in 1906 with other Herford Pictures.


Posted at Hertford 28 April 1912 by May to Miss Violet Hall, Station Road, Great Northern, Harpenden, Herts.

Dear Vi. Just a line to tell you I arrived quite safe and soud ... We went to the pictures on Saturday ...

[The Cinematograph Theatre was in Maidenhead Street, Hertford while the Premier Cinema Theatre was in Market Street.]

Fore Street, Hertford

Published by Hartmann

No 4315-2

(circa 1910)


Fore Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire - PC by Hartmann circa 1910

Fore Street, Hertford, Herts - PC by Frith - 1922   Shire Hall, Fore Street, Hertford - detail of PC by Frith, 1922

Looking along Fore Street towards Shire Hall in 1922

 (Frith No 71852)
The shop on the right is that of Lewis Williams, Stationer, 39 Fore Street and next to that is E. D. Rayment & Son, Grocers at 37 Fore Street (Kelly 1922)

Car  Registration: AF 2605?


Posted circa 1935 to Miss Lillian Bishop, c/o J B Dixon, Leary, 1249 - 5th Avenue S, Alta, Lethbridge, Canada

Dear Lillian , Having a lovely time here & going to see all the places of interest. Have been to the Military display at Aldershot &  am going to the Air Pagent this week. Have been driving all over the country. Hope you have a good summer. Love Joan


Fore Street, Hertford

Published by E. Munnings, Hertford

Hertford Past and Present suggests date of 1897 so was presumably this was issued as a photograph before post cards were introduced. (Back suggests card published circa1905)


The large shop on the left is Neale & Sons, Clothiers & outfitters, 17-23 Fore Street (Kelly 1912) which became Neale's Bon Marche Ltd, drapers (Kelly 1922). The impressive building beyond is the Corn Exchange, opened in 1859 (Hertford)

  Fore Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire - PC by Munnings
Fore Street, Hertford, Herts - Hertfield Series - circa 1903 picture  

Hertford: Fore Street No 3 - "The Hertford Series" No. 17. - Style/back suggests circ 1903

Posted 10 April 1906 to Dr Mr Sgt Penn, 1st Northampton Regiment, Samasata, India and then forwarded to Jullundur.

Part of continuing message  ... Jack his still on the steady and there his another young Peson come to town a girl. The job his still going on at the school and hope he will continue for some time yet. We have our Militia up now for there annual training and they make the town a little more liveler, continues No 4 ....

See JEPPS/PENN, Watton area, late 19th century

Fore Street, Hertsford, Herts - PC by Frith


Looking along Fore Street from Shire Hall in 1922

 (Frith No 71850)


Two early motorised buses


Hertford Past and Present says that after the First World War the open-top buses were replace by more modern transport. It identifies the bus on the right as the "Pride of Hertford"



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