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Knebworth Cottage Home, Children's Society, Knebworth, Herts

Knebworth Cottage Home (1890)

In 1888 Herbert Edward Jones converted this cottage to allow him to continue his work with impoverished boys from the London Slums. In 1914 Knebworth Home for Boys moved to specially constructed premises in London Road where it continued to 1975 under the name St Alban's Home for Boys. For more information see Hidden Lives Revealed.

Book: Knebworth - The Story of a Hertfordshire Village

Book: Knebworth - The Story of Our Village

Book: The Book of Woolmer Green

Book: Tudor Churchwardens' Accounts

Book: Board Meetings in the Bath: The Knebworth House Story

Book: Datchworth Tithe Accounts 1711-1747 includes references to the Rev William Lytton and William Robinson Lytton.


A small detached part of Letchworth parish, including Burley Farm, was transferred to Knebworth when Letchworth Garden City was created in the early 20th century.

St Mary's

Knebworth House


Knebworth on Herts Memories
Knebworth Parish Council

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