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Title: Childwickbury House, North Front - Publisher: The Kingsbury Series - Possibly 1920s
Childwickbury House, North Front (The Kingsbury Series)

Title: The Lodge, Childwickbury - Publisher: The Kingsbury Series - Possibly 1920s
The Lodge, Childwickbury

In more recent times this was the home of Stanley Kubrick, the famous film director. A hundred years earlier it was the home of J. Blundell Maple, of Maple's Furniture Store, Tottenham Court Road, London.

The Pond, Childwickbury


The Rosary, Childwickbury, St Michael, St Albans, Herts

The Rosary, Childwickbury



This book includes a detailed history of the estate, and the Toulmin, Maple and Joel families who owned it, as well as extensive descriptions from 19th and 20th century sales brochures.


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