Hertfordshire Post Card History

Early Tring Post Cards


The earliest post cards of Tring I have so far examined all have undivided backs, carrying  the standard message "POST CARD: The Address only to be written on this side" and a half-penny stamp box. All have the same picture layout and were probably all produced by the same unrecorded photographer/publisher before 1903.

However one of the cards was later published by Samuel Glendening Payne and it is likely that he was the photographer and post card publisher responsible for most, if not all, of these cards.

Tring Parish Church

Dated 3rd October 1901

Posted to Miss Spurway, Habberley Road, Kidderminster

Don't you think this rather decent? Love from J.S.


Other later Post Cards of the Church

Post Card of Tring Church, Herts, circa 1900

High Street. Tring



Other views showing the Rose & Crown

Tring High Street

with site of recently demolished Market House

The market house was demolished in 1900

posted 22nd April 1903 to Phyllis, .... Bristol

Do you remember this Phyllis love! ...


Other views showing Market House and Rose & Crown

Post Card of Tring, Herts, High Street after Market House demolished, c1900

Post Card of High Street, Tring, Herts, with Post Office, c 1900

High Street, Showing Post Office, Tring



The picture is identical to one published a few years later by Samuel Glendening Payne & Sons, Aylesbury, who published a large number of view cards of Tring (and other places near Aylesbury) at least as early as 1904.


Other views of this part of the High Street

Tring Park (Looking North) Seat of Lord Rothschild

Posted 25th November, 1903

To Miss A. Bulcraig, 11 Acacia Grove, West Dulwich, S.E.

Dear Ada. I hope this will find you well as it leaves me.

With love. Jennie.


Other post card views of Tring Park

The Mansion, Tring Park, Herts, c1900

Post Card showing opening of Museum at Tring, c1900

The Museum, Tring


Apparently shows some kind of event


(This card has a serious printer errors)


Other post card views of the Museum

Bird's Eye View of Tring from the Downs



The nearest building are the new buildings of Home Farm, rebuilt by Lord Rorhschild. Beyond is the "West End" of Tring, and in the distance Miswell Lane can be seen running between fields, with just a few houses built in Longfield Road.

Post Card of Western end of Tring circa 1900


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