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Photographer of St Albans



Time Line for John Barnard in St Albans

1841 Baptism John James Barnard Son of Francis (Police Officer) & Elizabeth Barnard, Church Street, Deptford - Born 28 September 1841 - Baptised 17 October 1841
1861 Census John Barnard Groom Deptford, Kent

Henry Herbert

Born 1831

Picture taken in about 1870?


J Barnard

5 St Mary's Buildings



Card pinted by

Marion, Imp. Paris


Images supplied  by Grant Newland-Neil

1871 Census John Barnard Photographic Artist St Mary's Road, Bedford
1876 Bedfordshire J Barnard Art Photography St Mary's Studio, 5 St Mary's Buildings, Bedford


1878 Hertfordshire J Barnard Photographer London Road, St Albans
1881 Census John Barnard Photographer St Mary's Road, Bedford
1882 Hertfordshire

 [no entry in trade directory]

Atlas Church appears to have occupied his studio for a short time, using the old CDV card backs, and was listed in the 1882 directory.

1882 Herts Advertiser Barnard's City Portrait Rooms 23 London Road, St Albans

Advertisement from the Herts Advertiser, 5th August 1882


Sandridge Church before the restoration of 1886/7.

Photo by J Barnard, Silvio House Studio, St Albans

Click on picture for larger image on OpenBuildings.com

1886 Hertfordshire John Barnard Photographer London Road, St Albans

Relative dates of different

Silvio House Studio

backing cards uncertain.

See examples below

1890 Hertfordshire John Barnard Photographer London Road, St Albans
1891 Census John Barnard Photographer London Road, St Albans
Agnes Wilkes, Portrait by Barnard of St Albans, circa 1890  

Cabinet Card


The subject of this card is Agnes Wilkes, niece of Jacob Reynolds, and granddaughter of Dolphin Smith. She was born in 1868 and as she looks at least 20 years old the picture must have been taken in about 1890 - only a few years before John Barnard's death - so it is an example of one of his later photographs.


Plain Back, no negative number

1894/5 Hertfordshire John Barnard Photographer London Road, St Albans
1894 FreeBMD John Barnard

[Death registered Oct-Dec quarter] aged 53

1895? Cherry

Other Silvio House Studio CDV


Back has very feint pattern not shown by scan


similar front, different back


Plain backs


Another style of back

Other Silvio House Studio Cabinet Cards

Priest - Photographed by Barnard of St Albans  

The identity of this priest is not known but he appears to be holding a bible

Plain back

Rev Frank Willcox, Headmaster of St Albans School from 1880 to 1902.

Unidentified Woman.

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