High Street, Much Hadham

[Finsbury Park]

Posted 1917



Totteridge Church

[Allerton Road]

Posted 1903

Undivided back



Village Totteridge

[Stroud Green Road]

Posted 1908



East Barnet Church

[Stroud Green Road]



East Barnet Churchyard

[Allerton Road]



Standon Road, Puckeridge

[Stroud Green Road]

Posted 1909

in colour posted 1907



Great Hormead Bury

[Stroud Green Road]



Waltham Cross & Ye Old Four Swans

[Stroud Green Road]



The Mill, Broxbourne

[Stroud Green Road]




Totteridge Church and Old Yew Tree


[Stroud Green Road]

Posted 1908


The Lower Green, Totteridge

[Stroud Green Road]

Gordon Smith

Post Card Publisher

Edward Gordon Smith published local view cards of the the London area starting in 1903. In 1905 he moved from 68 Allerton Road, London, N. to 15 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London, N, He died in 1906 but his widow and daughters carried on the business until about 1916. Many of the cards were numbered and some of the early ones were taken in Hertfordshire and Essex, as well as London. This makes it possible to assess the age of the pictures more accurately,

It seems likely that many of the cards were reprinted with different backs at different dates. As No 755 has an Allerton Road address it is likely that all lower numbers were photographed no later than 1905. As number 2350 has the message "This space can be used for Inland Postage only" this could suggest a date not much later than 1906. Perhaps all the Hertfordshire photographs were taken by Gordon Smith before he died.

Photor Series

A Merry Xmas

High Barnet

[Stroud Green Road]

Greeting in tinsel

Arkley Mill

[Stroud Green Road]

The two "Photor" cards are both paintings, artist unknown, and it is understood that this type of card was only produced from Stroud Green Road - so 1906 or later.


Edward Gordon Smith clearly had a background in photography as in the 1881 census he was living with his parents, his father being a "Fancy Goods Warehouseman & Photographer Master Employing 7 men and 4 women." At the time of the 1901 census Edward G Smith (43, photographer, born St James, London) was living at 68 Allington Road, Stoke Newington, with his 44 year old wife, Elizabeth, and teenage daughters Dorothy and Ethel.


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