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Golf in Hertfordshire

At the HALH Symposium on Sport, held at St Edmund's College in November 2012, Julia Moore gave a talk on Golfing in Hertfordshire in the late 19th century. She observed that as more and more London based professional people started to acquire rural homes, mainly in South West Herts, they wanted to be involved in rural activities - but were not able to ride horses as well as the local gentry. Golf provided rural exercise and the first golf courses were on existing commons - such as the one at Berkhamsted. However later courses were especially constructed on private estates where the general public could be excluded! Some of her slides included lists of the early clubs, drawn up from Kelly's Directories. While I was unable to copy it at the time I have "reconstructed it" - and the following is a list of clubs, drawn up with details from the 1914 directory, with the earliest date I fond in earlier directories available to me, although Julia had earlier dates for some of them. I have also added some employment statistics.


H. G. Rowley, sec

Rowley Green, Arkley, Barnet



Charles J Gilbert, sec

The Common, Great Berkhamsted


Bishop's Stortford

J. B. Douthwaite, sec

W. E. Brown, porfessional

Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford




Roughdown, Boxmoor

Founded 1890

Bushey Hall

N. Lindsay, sec

Bushey Hall, Buchey, Watford


Chorley Wood

A. Dunbar Walker, M.D., hon. sec.

The Common, Chorley Wood, Rickmansworth



W. E. Manning, sec.

Cuffley, Northaw, Potters Bar, Middlesex.


East Herts

Hugh M. Gisby, hon. sec.

Hertford Road, Ware & Little Amwell, Hertford



E. T. Raban, hon. sec.

East Common



Herbert Henry Peacock, sec

Knebworth, Stevenage

Founded 1908

Mid Herts

Charles Dymoke Green, sec.

Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead


Old Fold Manor

R. L. Leigh-Clare, sec.

Hadley, Barnet


Oxhey Ltd.

Col. Robert Fulton, sec

Oxhey Road, Oxhey, Watford



George F. Phillips, hon. sec.

Ernest Beverley, professional


Founded 1892

South Herts

Jn. Robt. Burton, sec

Totteridge lane, Totteridge, Whetstone


Verulam Ltd.

Capt. C. F. Nesham, sec

London Road, St Albans

West Herts

Capt. A. Scott, sec

Cassio Park, Watford 1899

Over the years there was a major increase in Golf related employment.

  • In 1881 there was no-one in the Watford area whose job involved Golf
  • In 1891 Benjamin Ball is described as a golfer, Herbert Baldwin was a golf boy, David Cuthbert was a golf club maker and William Walker was a golf professional.
  • The list on the right gives the names and occupations for the 1901 census.
  • In 1911 57 people had golf-related occupations.

Golf Links, Boxmoor (1906)


Bishop's Stortford Golf Course. 1910


See  Abe MITCHEL (Golfer), St Albans, 1925-1947


See Samuel Ryder & sons, Seed Merchants, St Albans for where the money came from


Golf Workers in Watford, 1901

CARTER, George W Golf Professional
CASBON, Wm Golf Club Manager
CHESNEY, Harry Golf Club Maker
COX, Joseph Golf Green Keeper
DICKENS, William Golf Caddie
EVANS, Charley Golf Caddie
FREEMAN, Kenneth G Golf Caddie
GARDNER? George Golf Caddie
GEORGE, Charles W Golf Caddie
HALL, Frederick A Golf Caddie
KILLICK, Ruben Golf Professional
LONG, Arthur Golf Professional
OLIVER, James Golf Caddie
PARISH, Walter B Golf Boy
PUDDIFOOT, Joseph Golf Green Labourer
RAINBOW, William G Golf Caddie
REEVES, Joseph Golf Caddie Master
SAUNDERS, George Golf Attendant
SMITH, Henry A Golf Caddie
SNELLINGS, Edward Golf Badge Boy
SUNDERLAND, Thomas Golf Green Keeper
TINGEY, Albert Golf Professional
TINGEY, Frederick Golf Club Maker
WALLIS, Charles Golf Caddie
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