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The 1851 & 1861 Census

Midnight Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851

Midnight Sun/Mon 7/8th April 1861

While we know a quite a bit about James Horwood and his family after his marriage with Mary Town (view) we need more information about his previous marriage and his parents.

Task: Locate James Horwood in the 1851 and 1861 census.

In previous Ancestry searches we have looked at single searches. On this occasion we use the opening form to search all the Ancestry Collections

First Name James 
Last Name Horwood
Birth Year 1823
Country England
County London

The 1851 census entry was easy to find

1851 - Goswell Terrace, Clerkenwell, Middlesex

Thomas A Horwood Head Married 64 Retired Butcher Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Elizabeth Horwood Wife Married 67   St Albans, Herts
James Horwood Son Unmarried 27 Salesman London
Maria Horwood Niece Unmarried 47   Clerkenwell, Middlesex

At Last - We have our Hertfordshire Link

In addition the earlier investigation relating to Newgate Market (view) showed that Thomas A Horwood was a carcase butcher at 26 Newgate Market in 1841.

There was no sign of James in the 1861 census until I used the following:

First Name James 
Last Name Harwood
Birth Year 1823
Country Born England
County Born Middlesex

This highlights a limitation in the Ranking search facility in Ancestry which gives far too much emphasis on the exact spelling of the surname. (This is the same problem which was reported for the 1881 census (view))

1861 - Goswell Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex

James W Vint Head Married 26 Clerk, General P O Sunderland. Durham
Ann R Vint Wife Married 26   Huworth, Durham
James B Vint Son   6   Bow, Middlesex
James Horwood Lodger Widower 37 Journeyman Butcher City, Middlesex

So James was already a widower by the end of March 1861 - and if there were any children they were not living with him.

Result of Investigation

Further good progress - although a limitation in Ancestry search routines could have meant that the 1861 census entry could have been missed. The Hertfordshire link (which will be followed up in later tutorial sessions) has been identified, and the Thomas A Horwood in the 1841 London directory would appear to be James's father. We have still not tracked down James's first marriage.


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