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Thomas Burchmore



Father:     Thomas Burchmore (1706/7-1787) [based on position of gravestones.]

Mother:     Not Known

Born:     1729/30 (Estimated from age at death)

Baptised:    Not Known [Not on IGI]

Married:    on 2nd July 1758 at Great Gaddesden

Wife:    Sarah Andrew (1735-1816)

            Militia List:    1758-86: various years - Farmer at Flamstead, (1785-86 Yeoman)

Child:    Infant burial on 1st July 1759 at Flamstead

Son:    Thomas Burchmore (1760-1816) baptised 21st June 1760 at Flamstead; married Elizabeth ? in about 1781. See  BURCHMORE/KINGSTON, Flamstead, Mid 19th Century

            Militia List:    1762: Farmer at Flamstead, (and "Surveyor" - drew up list)

 Son:    George Burchmore (1762-1843) baptised 16th December 1762 at Flamstead; married Susannah Reading at Flamstead in 1784.

Son:    William Burchmore (1765-1841) born on 6th April 1765 at Flamstead

Daughter:    Sarah Burchmore (1767-1820) baptised 8th March 1767 at Flamstead; married Ralph Thrale at St Sepulchre, London in 1799

            Militia List:    1768-69: Farmer at Flamstead, 4 children

Daughter:    Abigail Burchmore (1770-after 1841) baptised 28th January 1770 at Flamstead; married Ralph Thrale at Wheathampstead in 1796.

Daughter:    Martha Burchmore (1774-1774) baptised 17th April 1774 at Flamstead

Miscellaneous:    1774: Farmer at Bonners Farm, Flamstead according to mother-in-law Abigail Andrew (Slow)'s will)

Militia List:         1775: Farmer at Flamstead, 4 children

Parish Papers:    1784-6: Church Warden of Flamstead, at Hammonds End Farm.

Parish Papers:    1787-93: The Minister's Church Warden of Flamstead

Parish Papers:    1794-96: Church Warden of Flamstead

Land Tax:    1798: Tenant of Sir John Sebright; tax exonerated 5 1s 4d

Land Tax:    1798: Owned land tax paid 9s 4d and 4s 11d; tenants Thomas Hickson and Henry Rose.

Parish Papers:  1798-1800 Church warden at Harpenden

Parish Papers:   1799: overseer at Harpenden

Land Tax:    1801: No longer tenant of Sir John Sebright. in Flamstead.

Land Tax:    1801: Owned in Flamstead, land tax paid 9s 4d and 4s 11d; occupied by Thomas Hickson and himself.

Will:       August 11, 1803: Made at Hammond's End, Harpenden.

                 Extensive document - and clearly well-to-do

                 Refers to three sons Thomas, George & William

                        Sarah wife of Ralph Thrale, Farmer of Sandridge

                       Abigail, wife of Ralph Thrale of Wheathampstead

Death:    at Harpenden: 25th July 1806 aged 80 [date from tombstone at Flamstead]

Burial:    1st August 1806 at  St Leonard's Church, Flamstead.

Thomas Burchmore gravestone, Flamstead, Hertfordshire


In Memory of

Thomas Burchmore

who departed this life

July 25th 1816

Aged 76 years


Affliction sore long time I bore

Physicions were in vain

I found no ease till God did please

To ease me of my pain

Memorial verse on Thomas Burchmore's grave stone, Flamstead, Hertfordshire

Probate:   26th January 1807

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