Ancestors of Christopher Finch Reynolds

William Burchmore


Old Herts



Father:     Thomas Burchmore (1729-1806)

Mother:     Sarah Andrew (1735-1816)

Born:     6th April 1765 at Flamstead

Baptised:    1st May 1765 at Flamstead

Married:    6th August 1790 at Redbourn

Wife:    Hannah Dolling (1770-1826)

Son:    William Burchmore (1791-1856) baptised 25th September 1791 at Flamstead; married Sarah Kingston (nee Burchmore) in about 1840.  See BURCHMORE/KINGSTON, Flamstead, Mid 19th Century  

Daughter:    Sarah Burchmore (1793-after 1841) baptised 16th April 1793 at Flamstead; married Thomas How at Flamstead in 1820.

Daughter:     Hannah Burchmore (1794-1830) baptised 19th December 1794 at Flamstead; married John Lavender at Flamstead in 1827.

Daughter:    Abigail Burchmore (1796-1846??) baptised 3rd August 1796 at Flamstead; married George Davison at Flamstead in 1824.

Daughter:    Elizabeth Burchmore (1798-1826) baptised 7th October 1798 at Flamstead; married Daniel Hill at Flamstead, in 1821.

Land Tax:    1798: Landlord Richard Pearce; tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Daughter:     Martha Burchmore (1800-1887) baptised 16th July 1800 at Flamstead; married Daniel Hill at St Pancras New Church, London, in 1827.

Son:    Thomas Burchmore (1801-1812) baptised 30th November 1801 at Flamstead.

Map:    1801: Farmer at Danes End Farm, Redbourn, 121 acres [Ref HALS (gorhambury) xiii.29 - to be checked]

Land Tax:    1801: Landlord Thomas Pearce; tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Daughter:    Jane Burchmore (1802-1882) baptised 17th June 1802 at Flamstead; married William Bates at Redbourn in 1833.

Land Tax:    1804: Landlord Thomas Pearce (deceased); tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Daughter:    Charlotte Burchmore (1805-1885) baptised 19th January 1806 at Flamstead.

Land Tax:    1806: Landlord Rev. Richard Pearce; tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Land Tax:    1806: Landlord Rev. Richard Pearce; tax exonerated 4 1s and 1 9s 10d; former tenant Scribnoe.

Daughter:    Ann Burchmore (1808-1853) baptised 2nd November 1810 (aged 2) at Flamstead.

Son:    George Burchmore (1810-1874) baptised 2nd November 1810 at Flamstead; married Hannah Young in about 1845.

Daughter:     Mary Ann Burchmore (1813-1891) baptised 23rd May 1813 at Flamstead - at Flamsteadbury.

Administration:    1817/8: Administror of Thomas Burchmore (1786-1816) estate; yeoman.

Land tax:     1825: Landlord  Thomas Pearce, Esq.; tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Wife Died:    27th September 1826 at Flamstead

Land Tax:    1830: Landlord  Thomas Pearce, Esq.; tax exonerated 31 6s 2d

Poll Book:    1832: for Redbourn; esq.;  manuscript addition.

Other:           1832: A[Alexander]. Fraser, Esq. now at Flamsteadbury. Advert in Chelmsford Chronicle, 21st Dec 1832

Donation:     1837: W. Burchmore, of Redbourn, donated 5 to the fund to compensate those who had lost money in the collapse of the St Albans Saving Bank. [or could be his son, William] Hertford Mercury, 2nd May, 1837

Will:    16th March 1837: Formerly of Flamsteadbury, now of Redbourn. Divided his money and property between members of the family. Property in Flamstead were 3 tenements at Trowley End and a field at Dollimore End. Property in Redbourn: Dane End Farm, 140 acres, blacksmith's shop and adjoining tenement, his own house, tenements at Church End, farm house and land at Redbourn Common.

Will:    24th December 1839: Codicil to reflect interim settlement on children.

Died:    22nd April 1841 at Redbourn.

Buried:    30th April 1841 at Flamstead. ... Mrs Hannah Burchmore ... aged 56 ... also Mr William Burchmore ... aged 76

Hertford Mercury, 1st April, 1841

Death Notice:     Bucks Herald, 15th April 1841: At Redbourn, William Burchmore, Esq., aged 78, many years resident at Flamstead Abbey [Flamsteadbury], Herts.

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Probate:    30th June 1841: PCC: Executors William Burchmore, George Burchmore, George Davison.

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