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BURCHMORE / KINGSTON, Flamstead, Mid 19th Century

January, 2004




Andrew Bowers (abowers @t paradise.net.nz) of New Zealand, contacted me and turned out to be a cousin - our common ancestor being Thomas Burchmore (1729-1806). He had some incomplete information from a cousin, Gwendoline Norman, with whom I had exchanged information circa 1980, a few years before Gwendoline died. (I understand her papers may have been donated to the Society of Genealogists.) In trying to expand on the information he had he fell into the "Right Name, Wrong Body?" trap by failing to realise that there were two different Sarah "Kingston" who married into the Burchmore family.

I am putting up my interpretation from my old working notes, some of which date back over 25 years. I have not checked them again, and I am not certain which events were researched by Gwendoline Norman and which were mine.


Sarah Kingston was the daughter of James Kingston and married George Burchmore (1816-1866) at Toddington on 9th June 1842. George was the son of George Burchmore (1786-1838), who in turn was the son of Thomas Burchmore (1729-1806). The 1851 census shows the family in Peverells Farm, Flamstead:

Name Relation Age Birthplace Occupations
George BURCHMORE Head 34 Flamstead Farmer of 96 acres employing 3
Sarah BURCHMORE Wife 32 Blisworth  
Sarah Anne BURCHMORE Dau 8 Flamstead Scholar
Susannah BURCHMORE Dau 6 Flamstead Scholar
Elizabeth BURCHMORE Dau 5 Flamstead  
Charlotte BURCHMORE Dau 4 Flamstead  
Anne BURCHMORE Dau 2 Flamstead  
Hannah BURCHMORE Dau 6m Flamstead  

The sequence of girls continued with Emma in 1852, but then there were three sons, George in 1855, Willian in 1857 and belatedly Charles John in 1863. It would appear that the family moved to Holtsmere End, Flamstead, and George died in 1866, aged 49. Sarah died in West Norwood, Middlesex, in 1905, aged 87, and was buried at Flamstead.

Gwendoline Norman and Andrew Bowers are descended from George Burchmore (1786-1838) who "took Elizabeth Plummer to the haystack" in 1812, the result being George Birchmore Plummer, who later took the name George Plummer Birchmore.


Sarah Burchmore (1790-1866) was the daughter of Thomas Burchmore (1760-1816) who in turn was the son of Thomas Burchmore (1729-1806). She married William Kingston at Harpenden in 1813 and as Mrs Sarah Kingston had a daughter, Elizabeth Kingston, at Harpenden in 1824. It would appear that William Kingston died and his widow married her cousin William Burchmore (1791-1856), the son of William Burchmore (1765-1841) and grandson of Thomas Burchmore (1729-1806). The 1851 census shows the following household at Dane(or Lower) End Farm, Redbourn:

Name Relation Age Birthplace Occupations
William BURCHMORE Head 59 Flamstead Farmer of 134 acres employing 5
Sarah BURCHMORE Wife 59 Flamstead  
Elizabeth KINGSTON Step Dau 26 Harpenden  

Sarah died in Harpenden in 1866, her daughter being the executor of her will.

[I feel that a number of the details in the above need verification.]


I know nothing about the relationship between James Kingston and William Kingston, but in view of the complex web of cousin marriages involving the Burchmore family (See Who is related to Who?) I would not be surprised to find that they were related.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.