Ancestors of Christopher Finch Reynolds

Hannah Dolling > Burchmore


Old Herts



Father:     Edward Dolling

Mother:     Hannah Robarts

Born:     1770 [from age at death]

Baptised:    31st March, 1771 at Redbourn

Married:    6th August 1790 at Redbourn

Husband:    William Burchmore (1765-1841)

Son:    William Burchmore (1791-1856) baptised 25th September 1791 at Flamstead; married Sarah Kingston (nee Burchmore) in about 1840.  See BURCHMORE/KINGSTON, Flamstead, Mid 19th Century  

Daughter:    Sarah Burchmore (1793-after 1841) baptised 16th April 1793 at Flamstead; married Thomas How at Flamstead in 1820.

Daughter:     Hannah Burchmore (1794-1830) baptised 19th December 1794 at Flamstead; married John Lavender at Flamstead in 1827.

Daughter:    Abigail Burchmore (1796-1846??) baptised 3rd August 1796 at Flamstead; married George Davison at Flamstead in 1824.

Daughter:    Elizabeth Burchmore (1798-1826) baptised 7th October 1798 at Flamstead; married Daniel Hill at Flamstead, in 1821.

Daughter:     Martha Burchmore (1800-1887) baptised 16th July 1800 at Flamstead; married Daniel Hill at St Pancras New Church, London, in 1827.

Son:    Thomas Burchmore (1801-1812) baptised 30th November 1801 at Flamstead.

Daughter:    Jane Burchmore (1802-1882) baptised 17th June 1802 at Flamstead; married William Bates at Redbourn in 1833.

Daughter:    Charlotte Burchmore (1805-1885) baptised 19th January 1806 at Flamstead.

Daughter:    Ann Burchmore (1808-1853) baptised 2nd November 1810 (aged 2) at Flamstead.

Son:    George Burchmore (1810-1874) baptised 2nd November 1810 at Flamstead; married Hannah Young in about 1845.

Daughter:     Mary Ann Burchmore (1813-1891) baptised 23rd May 1813 at Flamstead - at Flamsteadbury.

Death:    27th September 1826 at Flamstead

Burial:    2nd October 1826 at Flamstead. ... Mrs Hannah Burchmore ... aged 56 ... also Mr William Burchmore.

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