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Philip Reynolds



Father:     William Reynolds (1735-1807)

Mother:    Elizabeth Saunders  (1735/6-1818)

Born:    1775 at Banham, Norfolk

Baptised:   18th February 1775 at Banham, Norfolk

Married:     9th March 1804 at Tuddenham St Mary, Suffolk

Wife:     Sarah Evered (1778-1857)

Son:    Francis Evered Reynolds (1804-1874)  Born at Chippenham, Cambs 1804

Farm:   In 1807 he was left 600 in his father's will, which expected him to continue as tenant to La Hogue Hall Farm,

Overseer:    Was overseer of the poor at Chippenham, Cambs, in 1808/9, 1814/5, 1819/20, 1822/3 & 1826/7 (Town Book, Cambridgeshire Records Office R/55/7/31/1 & 2)

Son:    Frederick Reynolds (1810-?). Born 13th May 1810 at Chippenham, Cambs. Married Mary Ann Turner in 1836. Children: Ellen Reynolds, Frances Reynolds, Philip Thomas Reynolds.

Churchwarden:  Churchwarden from 1813-1829. (Churchwardens Accounts. Cambridgeshire Records Office R/55/7/31/4) Commonest payments were for sparrows!

Son:    William Philip Reynolds (1817-?)

Farm:   1818: New 8 year lease on La Hogue Haal Farm, 648 acres - Landlord Mr Tharp. (Cambridgeshire Records Office r/55/7/7/285)

Overseer:  He signed an agreement to pay Mr G. R. Wilde (his nephew) of Mildenhall, Suffolk, 10 for his attendance  of the poor of the parish.

Family: Yesterday se'nnight, aged 85, Mrs Reynolds, mother of Mr. Philip Reynolds, of Hogue Hall, Chippenham.

Cambridge Chronicle, 1 January, 1819

Farm: 1821: Lease on La Hogue Hall Farm 324 per annum,

Bury & Norwich Post, 21 December 1825

Farm: 1826:  New 8 year lease on La Hogue Farm.

Overseer: Gave evidence in case relating to settlement reported in the Cambridge Chronicle of 27 October, 1826

Farm: 1828:  New 8 year lease for 648 acres, plus another 63 acres, at 530 per annum. Landlord J Tharp.

Poor Rate Collector: At Chippenham. 1829, 1831, 1832, 1833.

Poll Book: 1832: Voted for Eaton.

Court case: William Raiment (40) was charged with stealing a coomb of wheat, the property of Philip Reynolds, of Chippenham. After two of the witnesses had been heard, the learned judge said the evidence was too slight; besides which, it appeared that the prisoner had lived with the prosecutor eight yeras, and nothing had been heard against him before. The jury immediately acquitted the prisoner.

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 14 March, 1834

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 21 March, 1834

Farm: Gave notice in 1835, but as no new tenant was found agreed to continue at 450.

Association: Member of the Newmarket Association for the prosecution of felonies, Malicious Injuries to property, and other offences. (1) (2)

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 8 January 1836

Farm: 1837: Verbal agreement to continue the tenancy at 500

Death:   23rd January 1838 at Chippenham, Cambs. Farmer aged 62. Died of apoplexy. Witness Philip W Reynolds

Burial:   2nd February 1838 at Chippenham, Cambs. Sacred to the Memory of Philip Reynolds who departed this life 23rd January 1838. The slab, which has been badly broken, was originally surrounded by railings.

Bury and Norwich Post, 28 March 1838

Bury and Norwich Post, 26 September, 1838

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