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The previous family trees all link Jacob Reynolds to Frank Mardall via his wife or children, and the marriages all took place within a comparatively small area. Recently a geographically widely distributed link has been established, covering a significant part of East Anglia. Much of the evidence comes from a Grove scrapbook and family tree, but a vital clue to the link with the Palmer family was the cutting relating to the probate of a Mr. Walter Orbell Palmer on page 56 of Jacobís scrapbook. A check in the I.G.I. index established the link between Harriet Evered and Mrs. Augusta Kent.

The principle residences are as follows

Evered, Thomas; Tuddenham, Suffolk
Grove, William R; St. Ives, Hunts
Kent, Arthur; Higham, Suffolk

Kent, Benjamin; Great Chesterford, Essex
Kent, Jeremiah; Little Wilbraham, Cambs
Kent, Lewis; Chippenham, Cambs (La Hogue Hall Farm)
Kent, Peter; Little Wilbraham, Cambs
Long, Hanslip; Carlton, Cambs
Mardall, James; Harpenden, Herts
Palmer, Frederick; Bodney, Norfolk
Reynolds, Frances Evered; Newton-by-Castleacre, Norfolk
Reynolds, Jacob; Sandridge, Herts
Reynolds, Philip; Chippenham, Cambs (La Hogue Hall Farm)

It is possible that Mary, the wife of Benjamin Kent, was a Reynolds as she was left property by an Aunt Mary Reynolds, but if there is an earlier link a lot more work will need to be done to establish it.

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