BURCHMORE, Caddington, Flamstead, Markyate

September 2001

Lloyd Burchmore of Hook, Hants, writes: Hi Chris. I've seen your name all over the web with reference to Hertfordshire/Burchmore - but until now all links came up as refresh so it's refreshing to be able to ask my question.

I suspect the problem is that you tried to chase up a reference on a search engine which still pointed to the old forum that, for technical reasons, is no longer available online. I have reposted some of the earlier correspondence which refers to the family as BURCHMORE, Flamstead, 18th century and Robert SMITH, Sandridge, 1786/7-1865. Some other information from the old forum is also reproduced in Right Name, Wrong Body.

I have photos of my Family (very early 1900 ) all in front of Railway cottages Markyate ( cottages were pulled down to build A5) My question in my search is who do you know you could put me in touch with that has the knowledge of the Bu By Bi Burchmores?

My own family tree has many references to the Burchmore family of Flamstead and following your request I have posted some notes under the title Who is related to Who? I could be that we are cousins - although I have no specific Burchmore references to Caddington or Markyate, but if you could tell me something about your Flamstead ancestors - with names and dates - I may be able to help further.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.