HODGE (prisoner), Hertford, 1871

January, 2006

Brenda Owen (Brenda @t of Welwyn Garden City writes:

Information Known: 1871 Census RG10/1373 Hertfordshire/St John/County Prison. George HODGE. Prisoner-unmarried age 20. Agricultural labourer . Born. Herts Cheshunt. George was married the following year March 1872. I have traced my Hodge family back to 1787 in Cheshunt.

How do I find out where the prison is? I have looked on the maps I have of the area. Also how do I find out when and what he was imprisoned for? 

Detail from 1830 map of Hertford - showing the Goal on the Ware Road.
From Turnor's History of Hertford

At the time your George Hodge was in the County Prison at Hertford a new prison was being built at St Albans. I don't know when the prisoners were transferred from Hertford to St Albans - but it is possible he was moved there during his sentence.

There are three likely sources of information, assuming he was tried in Hertfordshire.:

It may be that he was only in prison for a short time, and for instance a poacher might get a sentence of one month's hard labour. You may find Simon Walker's books Crime in Hertfordshire of interest.

There is a web page for Hertford

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