Maps of Hertfordshire

Four County Maps of Hertfordshire

With Introductions by Donald Hosdon

Hertfordshire Publications

Published 1985,: ISBN 0-901354-36-8

All four maps show the towns, villages, bigger houses and principal roads and for comparison the features shown in the parish of Sandridge south of the River Lee are compared.

John Seller, 1676

For details see review of the map.

John Oliver 1695

For details see review of the map.

John Warburton 1749

The book describes John Warburton as Somerset Herald, antiquarian, entrepreneur and thoroughgoing scoundrel. This survey is based on an map published by Warburton in 1725 covering Middlesex, Essex and Hertfordshire. It is reprinted at 2.33 miles to the inch.

For the parish of Sandridge the map shows: Saundridge, Marshals Wick, Nashes, Fair Fold, Hammings, Tower Hill, Coleman Green, Noemans Land, Hill End, Saundridgebury, Cheapside, plus three windmills on Bernards Heath (unnamed).

Andrew Bryant 1822

This map is said to be one of the most beautifully executed maps of the county ever executed, and is reprinted at a scale of 7/8 miles to the inch.

 For the parish of Sandridge the map shows: Sandridge, Bernards Heath, Sandridge Lodge [Marshalswick], Wheelers, Evans Farm, Nash's Farm, Caps Farm, Woodcock Hill, Fearfulls, Hammings Farm, Broxhill, Tower Hill Farm, Colemans Green, Samuels Farm, Chalkdell Farm, Lower Beech Hyde, Upper Beech Hyde, No Mans Land Farm, Hill End Farm, Pound Farm, Sandridge Bury, Cheapside Farm, Greens Farm.

A small part of the map is shown on SAYER, St Albans area, mid 19th century

Bryant's map has now been reprinted at the original scale

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