Early Crime and Punishment


Title: Old Monastery Gateway, St Albans - Publisher: "The Kingsbury Series"  No 15A [Identical picture, title and reference number published by Lilywhite]
The Abbey Gateway, St Albans Abbey - Formerly used as a prison
See Banged up in ...

The Stocks, Aldbury


Title: The Stocks, Amwell - Publisher: Colling's Bazarr, Hoddesdon - Date: Posted 1910
The Stocks, Great Amwell - posted 1910

The Stocks, Brent Pelham

The Stocks,  Hadley

See The Stocks, Thorley

Title: The Cage, Shenley - Publisher: ?  No. 829 (Real Photo) - Date: ?
The Cage, Shenley

See Poaching and Petty Thieving in St Albans

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