Aldbury is recorded in the Domesday Book as Aldeberie. It was in the Tring Hundred and "The Count [of Mortain] holds Aldbury himself. It answers for 10 hides. Land for 7 ploughs. In lordship 3 ploughs there. 8 villagers with 1 Freeman and 1 Frenchman have 4 ploughs. i smallholder; 4 slaves. Meadow ½hide; woodland, 500 pigs. Total value 110s; when acquired £8; before 1066 as much. Alwin, a thane of King Edward's, held this manor.  

St John the Baptist

General View of Aldbury
Card by Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury - Posted 1910, printed circa 1905 - (card also published uncoloured) 

Village from Tithe map 1840
[An Open Village]

Stocks & Village Pond

Stocks House


Tring Railway Station

The Aldbury Holloways

Bridgewater Monument

   Tring Station is at least two miles east of the town in Aldbury parish and beyond this, a further mile and a half, is Aldbury, an old-world village nestling under the wooded slopes of Ashridge. I would bracket it with Little Hadham, on the east of Herts, as the county's prettiest and least unspoilt. The parish of Aldbury is small, only covering some 2,000 acres, but the village itself is compact and grouped around the central green. Opposite the pond on this green is [picture] a perfect example of a half-timbered building, dating from about 1650; wonderfully preserved, all the oak is left as it should be — grey weathered. It is totally wrong to daub these ancient half-timbered buildings with wood preservatives or brown stains; their original and natural state was that which nature gave them—a weathered grey. Immediately in front of this house are the village stocks and whipping post [picture], in fair repair, despite damage done to them some years ago by a marauding band of " visitors." To those who have read Mrs. Humphrey Ward's " Bessie Costrell" (and who has not?) I would remind them that " Clinton Magna " is really Aldbury. The gifted authoress lived at a house known as Stocks, a short distance to the north of the village green.

The Church of St. John-the-Baptist was originally a thirteenth century Early English building, excepting the tower, which was added during the next century. But the whole building has been since much altered and restored. Most interesting is the Verney Chapel on the south side. The arrangement is rather unusual, it being separated from the nave by a fine stone screen. Within is the tomb of Sir Robert Whittingham, killed at the Battle of Tewkesbury. Nearby are two helms, and in the south pier of chancel arch is a hagioscope, giving a sight of the altar from the Verney Chapel. There remains a statue niche at the east of north aisle, and from the south aisle a stairway leads to the room over porch.. There are some old pew ends, and outside in the churchyard is a sundial on a wooden post [picture]. The registers date from 1693. Towards the end of the sixteenth century a windmill was erected at Aldbury, and in 1589-90 a licence was granted for a cottage to be built for the miller, who was to be "a painful man in his calling." But where that mill turned its sails I know not, but there is plenty of high ground hereabouts where it could have been. [A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire, 1931]

Barrack Row


Selected Answers

DELDERFIELD, Aldbury, mid 19th century
MEREDITH, Tring Station, mid-19th century
REYNOLDS / JOHNSON, Aldbury, 19th century

STANNARD, Tring Station, Aldbury, mid 19th century

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Aldbury, Herts

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Interestingly this early divided back card was posted in Wellington, New Zealand, on 22 March, 1904, as  a birthday card to a Miss S Downes, 129 Willis Street. Wellington.

It would be interesting to know if there is a direct connection with the family called Downes living in Aldbury at the time of the 1901 census.

Views from the Hills

Aldbury, Tring, Herts
Photo: Newman, Berkhamsted
posted 1910 (also undivided back version posted 1903)

Aldbury from Moneybury Hill
Kingsway Real Photograph S6370 (WHS)
posted 1914

Stocks Estate from Moneybury Hill, Aldbury

Published by C. Dickens, Aldbury, Tring

Franco Series

Published by F. A. Markham,

90 Sumatra Road,

West Hampstead, N.W.


Aldbury in the Snow

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