Military Tribunal

From the Herts Advertiser

 10th June, 1916



St Albans

Milkmen called up from Heath Farm, Bernards Heath, St Albans - Unsuccessful Appeal

Hertfordshire Appeal Tribunal 

Arthur George Tyler (31) of 24 Sandridge-road, St Albans, Robert J Sweeting, (31), of 2 New Dalton Street, St Albans, and George A Arnold, also of St Albans, milkcarriers in the employ of the Heath Farm Dairy Co, St Albans, were appealed for on the grounds of indispensibility. - It was pointed out that the firm delivered to 2,500 customers daily, and had already lost seven carriers who had joined the Army. They formerly had ten carriers. The business had taken forty years to establish and if these men were taken it would be lost. The Local Tribunal were of the opinion that the firm had made no effort to obtain female help. Since the war they had purchased another milk round and must have been fully alive to the position of affairs before they took it over. - The appeals were dismissed.

During 1916 many able-bodied men were called up from previously essential jobs, and this appeal relates to the dairy run by my great grandfather, Jacob Reynolds, and managed by his son-in-law, Arthur Martin. The case was first heard in May 1916.

See also Heath Farm Dairy, Bernards Heath

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