The old Northchurch parish was split with part to the north and part to the south of Berkhamsted. There have been parish changes and the southern end is now Sunnyside. It is now usually considered as an area within the town of Berkhamsted.





St Mary's, Northchurch,

(supplied by Judith White)



Another early view


NORTH-CHURCH, or Berkhamsted St. Mary's

This is a newly erected Parish, taken out of Berkhamsted St. Peter's, and therefore not mentioned in Domesday. It is named from the Situation, North from the other. The extent of St Peter's Parish was so great, that for the Convenience of those at a Distance, this was made. All the lands here held of the Honour of the Castle. Northcote was the Chief, and a Manor. It was held in the Time of Edward I by one Knight's Fee. Nicholas de Bosco was then the Possessor. ...

The other Estate of Maudleyns and Durrants have been sold into Parcels, which yet hold of the Honour. There has been a Chapel at the former, which is now a Malt-House , dedicated probably to St. Mary of that Name, whence the Estate might be denominated.

The Patronage of the living was in the Honour, till Queen Eliz. granted it away to Sir Thomas Bemor, who conveyed it to Sir Edward Carey. It returned to the Crown; and in Queen Anne's Time was, by Act of Parliament, settled on the Church of Windsor upon Exchange.

The present Rector is Dr. Samuel Noyse.

The Church is not ancient, but the Figure of it is, the Steeple being in the Middle.

In the North Window are Arms, quarterly Vert and Or. Here are also Roses Vert, Or, and Gules. In the South Window a Coat which seems to have been Argent a Lyon rampant Gules.

The Chancel is handsomely wainscotted with Oak by Dr. Noyse. An old Gravestone within the Rails, the Brasses lost.: There have been Roses at the Corners.

In the Church another - - - - a Cheveron engrail'd between three Boars Heads erased, impaling a Cheveron Ermine between three Milroynes.

Another for Mrs Mary Agar, wife of Thomas Agar of Barnes in Surrey, Esq., Daughter and Heir of Jonas Turnor of Chesham in Bucks. She died 1652.

There was another, which is lost, for Thomas Waterhouse, Clerk, who died in the 3rd of Queen Mary, who was Rector of Asheridge Monastery at the Dissolution. ...

Salmon, History of Hertfordshire, 1728


St Mary's, Northchurch,
and the adjacent half-timbered houses
which front onto the main road.

from Picturesque Hertfordshire


High Street, Northchurch

posted 1905




Northchurch showing Old Church House

Published by G, Loosley & Sons, Berkhamsted. in RA Series.


Northchurch High Street


Northchurch village in the late 19th century

(From Dacorum within living memory)

Originally from postcard 5777 Loosley's series



8th December 1842. --- There was an accident to the railway train at Northchurch; the axle of the engine broke and the engine ran down the embankment. Mrs Bye, of Aylesbury, was killed, as was also Mr. Tompkins of Boxmoor. [Local Occurrences]

Book: Hedgehog's Northchurch - A personal history

For information on the Manor of Norcott see Norcott Hill Farm, Northchurch.
Cow Roast at on the northern end of the parish, on the boundary with Wigginton.

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