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Book: Violet Sparrow has written the following books: Remember [Bishops] Stortford; The Book of Bishop's Stortford & Sawbridgeworth: Yesterday's Stortford: Bishop's Stortford in old picture postcards: Wish Your were Here ... Bishop's Stortford: Bishop's Stortford, A Pictorial History

Books with Frith Photographs: Bishops Stortford A Photographic history; So You Think You Know Bishops Stortford; Bishops Stortford, An Illustrated Miscellany; Walk Around Historic Bishops Stortford

Book: Bishops Stortford and its Story

Book: Bishop's Stortford - A Short History

Book: Peace, War and Afterwards - includes letters by a soldier billeted in the town in 1915.

Book: Bishop's Stortford College, 1868-1968

Book: Early Churchwardens' Accounts of Bishops Stortford, 1431-1558

Book: In Praise of Bishop's Stortford. 20th century drawings, etc.

Suzanne Woolner (sdwoolner @t written mentioning Bishop's Stortford and Sawbridgworth in Old Photographs by W. J. Wright (published by Budding Books in 2001 - many second hand copies available)

Local Paper: Herts & Essex Observer

Web: Bishops Stortford and Thorley - A History and Guide - A very useful site with 150 pages and 750 photographs.

Web: Bishops Stortford - Town web site with a little local history

Web: Rhodes Arts Complex and Bishop's Stortford Museum

Web: The East Herts District Council web page also contain a page containing some historical information, and links to other possibly relevant web sites.

Web: The History of the Workhouse contains significant information about the workhouse.

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